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How to amend an approved research ethics application

Do I need to submit an amendment request?

It may become apparent once you have started your research project that something you described in your ethics application has now changed. These are some examples:

  • Changes to the design or methodology of the research project.
  • Changes to participant recruitment, numbers or involvement.
  • Change relating to the safety or physical or mental health of participants.
  • Changes to the risk/benefit assessment for the research project.
  • Changes to research project documentation such as participant information sheets, consent forms, questionnaires, letters of invitation.
  • Temporary halt of the research project to protect participants from harm.
  • Changes in funding arrangements.
  • Change to the research project end date.
  • Changes to the research project team.

How to submit an amendment request

For all amendment requests, you must have already received ethics approval and met any conditions set out as part of that approval.

Making an amendment request depends on how you submitted your original application. Select one of the options below.

For applications approved via Phoenix

  1. Log in to Phoenix and select the project you wish to amend and open it.
  2. To check the status of the project, look at ‘Action Required on Form’ if it states ‘No’ you can proceed to step 4. If it states ‘Yes’, click on it and it will give you a ‘completeness check’. Please complete any outstanding actions, sign the form, and submit. (If you are PGR, your supervisor will also have to sign the form.)
  3. You will need to wait for this to be reviewed by relevant persons before you can proceed.
  4. Once the ‘Action Required on Form’ states ‘No’ you can proceed to apply for an amendment.  In the action tiles on the left-hand side, select ‘Create Sub-form’ and then select Amendment Form.
  5. Complete and submit application form.

For paper-based approved applications (known as 'Legacy' applications)


For applications relating to the Faculty of Medicine and Health, please contact the Faculty Research Ethics Administrator for further information as procedures differ in this Faculty.

For all other Legacy applications, follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the amendment request form.
  2. Submit an updated copy of your original research ethics application form with changes highlighted.
  3. For amendments to research projects which have been approved via the NHS but now come under the University's ethical review please submit a copy of your NHS application form.
  4. Provide copies of any other updated research project documentation with all changes highlighted.
  5. Submit all documentation for review by emailing the inbox for the Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC) which approved your original application.
  6. Once the changes have been reviewed you will be notified of the FREC's decision.

For informal advice please contact your school ethics lead.