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The Secretariat

The Secretariat is led by the Deputy Secretary. Its work is organised within five teams - Governance Support, Student Cases, Legal Services, Records Management and Information Governance, and Research Regulatory Compliance. Together, their primary responsibility is assisting the University Secretary in promoting the best standards of corporate governance throughout the institution.

Governance Support

Information on governance-related matters including those relating to the University's principal decision-making bodies can be found in this section.

Other information in this section includes:
- information about the Council and Senate and their committees
- the University subsidiary companies

Student Cases

Information relating to the University's procedures and guidance on student progression, academic appeals, student disciplinary and other student-related matters is set out in this section.

Records Management and Information Governance

The Records Management and Information Governance team is responsible for matters relating to data protection, data subject access and Freedom of Information requests, and the University's records management policy.

Research Regulatory Compliance

The Research Regulatory Compliance team is responsible for the regulatory compliance and quality assurance of clinical research.

Legal Services

The Legal Services team provides the University with in-house legal advice.

Other Corporate Matters

The Secretariat also oversees a number of other corporate matters including: the University Almanac, Insurance, the University's response to the Prevent Duty, critical incident management and obituaries. Links to these areas are set out further down this page.

Governing documents

Documents setting out the way in which the University is governed

Rules, regulations, protocols, policies, procedures and guidance

Key documents are set out below. A comprehensive list can be viewed on the dedicated policies, procedures and Codes of Practice webpage.


Research Ethics Applications:

For staff and students in the Faculties of Business (LUBS), Environment and Social Sciences only: applications should be submitted online via Phoenix.

All other faculties: you should submit your application in accordance with your faculty-specific process.

Other Corporate Matters