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This page lists the University's obituaries for current or former members of staff who have died during the current year. If you wish to locate an obituary for an individual whose name is not listed on this page (or in the pages for previous years listed below), or if you have any queries relating to current obituary notices, please contact Helen Pickersgill for further information.


Steve Banwart
Richard Bushby
Jonathan Dean
Keith Elliott
John Lockwood


Christopher Allinson
Margaret Atack
Roy Bridge
Alan Bullock
Mike Darnell
Geoffrey Fry
Jennifer Jackson
Tom McLeish
Bob Reid
Judith Tucker
Alan Williams


David Beetham

Garth Dales

James Donnelly

Denis Greig

Conrad Harris

Roger Hartley

Ian Law

Duncan Mara

Anne Neville

Christopher Sheppard

Ben Whitaker