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Fitness to study

The Fitness to Study Procedure (the Procedure) applies to all taught students and postgraduate researchers (referred to here as ‘students’). The Procedure forms part of the Student Contract between students and the University.

Where a student may not be fit to study, the University has a duty both to the student and other members of the University community to respond. Where it is determined that a student is not fit to study, the University may exclude a student from the University either temporarily or permanently.

The Procedure provides a clear transparent process for responding consistently to situations where a student may not be fit to study, and for implementing University policy at School and University level.   The Procedure aims to ensure that students are informed and supported to engage with the process, taking into consideration the challenges that their health, wellbeing, or behaviour may pose, and that they have a right of review.

You can download the Procedure here


Further procedural advice in these areas can be obtained from the Student Cases team:


The Student Cases Team
The Secretariat



Last updated: 27.7.2023 (CLLC)