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Company Secretariat Services

The Company Secretariat Services team looks after a portfolio of subsidiary, joint venture and associated companies.

We closely monitor and control our portfolio to ensure compliance with Companies Act 2006 and apply high standards of corporate governance to protect both the University's interests as shareholder and the fiduciary responsibilities of the Directors, most of whom are senior university staff.

The University exercises its control in the form of a number of nominated directors, a university nominated company secretary and the nominated officer.

The portfolio is fluid: companies are created, grow, employ their own staff and advisers and then become independent in respect of management. At this stage they may be spun out or retained. Other companies are incorporated purely as VAT or tax devices, but still require compliance and book-keeping services.

Our subsidiary and joint venture companies are all registered in England and their registered office address is The Company Secretariat, Nexus Discovery Way, the University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 3AA.

Enquiries to the Company Secretary, Helena Smith FCIS ( and Company Secretarial Assistant, Dawn Thompson (

About the Company Secretariat Services Team

Helena Smith

Helena Smith graduated in Geography from the University of Manchester in 1983 and started her career as an insurance broker, qualifying as an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute in 1988. She then joined the University in 1989 working in the Bursar's Central Office and developed a company secretariat function for the g rowing number of University subsidiary companies. She qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators in 1994 and as a Fellow in 2004.

Helena is company secretary for most of the University's subsidiary and associated companies.

Dawn Thompson

Dawn Thompson has been with the University since April 2006 and provides support to Helena Smith, arranging board meetings, preparing board papers and maintaining the Secretariat database. Dawn also provides insurance support.