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University Subsidiary, Joint Venture and Associated Companies

Subsidiary Companies

Company Name Company Number Website
Bright Beginnings Childcare Centre Leeds (a company limited by guarantee) 06589495
Leeds Innovation Centre Ltd 03747084
Leeds Ventures Ltd 06641083
University of Leeds Consulting Ltd 04583030
University of Leeds Farms Ltd 02916257
Leeds University Press Ltd (non trading) (a company limited by guarantee) 00418006
University of Leeds IP Ltd 04582496
Weetwood Hall Ltd 02609047

Joint Venture Companies

Company Name Company Number Website
The Worldwide Universities Network (a company limited by guarantee) 04456762
WUN Trading limited Ltd 4374740

Other Companies with which the University is associated or in which it has

Company Name Company Number Website
Keracol Ltd 7741960
Dietary Assessment Ltd 10568730



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Last updated: 19.5.17 (CLLC)