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Main University Committees

The Secretariat is responsible for servicing several of the University's key governing and operational committees. Below is a non-exhaustive list (please see the University committee structure diagram for a full list of University bodies).

Guidance has been produced to support the presentation of business to University committees. [Coming soon. Currently being updated]


The Council, the University's governing body, is comprised of 23 members, the majority of whom are lay (neither staff nor students of the University). The Council is currently serviced by Catherine Cho.

The Secretariat is responsible for servicing five of the committees which underpin and support the work of the Council. These are:


The Senate, comprising 54 staff and student members, is the University's primary body for academic governance and reports to the Council.  It is serviced by Cathy O'Neill.

Other key committees of the Council and Senate

There are various committees which support the work of the Council and Senate.